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Winter 02

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Kolorowy wyścig


A Dancing Tree

Children’s Day Fun

Hello kids. Not too much action here – but training these stubborn animals is above all an excercise in patience and a way of meditation. As such it is no wonder that monks of Nga Phe Kyaung monastery in Burma devoted their lives to perfecting this laborious art. Click the pic and go practice.

Good game!

This is a brand new old school adventure game. Intended as Rafal‘s birthday present, made by Adam, Iza, Maciek and me. Click here to open in a new window.

Gerda Twin – getting PS Liquify to Flash

Displacement map filter is a nice but hardly ever used flash feature. Sure it tends to be a bit CPU nasty, but the other problem is that getting a useful map other than a perlin noise or simple lens is a bit of pain in the back. I was getting down to writing a simple [...]